Travel accessories done right by Wanderskye

A seemingly unnecessary part of travel preparations but increasingly becoming a popular must-do is picking a good set of travel goods to accompany the trip you've been planning for weeks, if not months. This can be tough and interesting at the same time.  Entering a travel goods shop can be a bit intimidating with the variety of brands and styles to choose from. Shamefully, I've fallen prey to low-quality travel accessories that either get damaged easily or simply don't serve their purpose at all.

Fortunately, I discovered a travel goods brand that sets itself apart from the rest by seamlessly combining style, fun, and functionality. Wanderskye is a proudly Filipino brand that's probably best known for their expressive luggage covers – which may be customized, by the way. They offer a whole lot of travel accessories in a variety of designs that will suit your travel style. 

One of the more recent additions to their functional line of products is the Premium Bag Tag and Passport Cover set. They come in classy with high-quality vegan leather in a variety of colors. I especially liked how the compartments fit perfectly in the entirety of the design. Clearly, this product is carefully thought of with the avid traveler in mind. And to complete your travel ensemble, the bag tag perfectly complements the passport cover with the same material. The black leather just suits my style as it's not flashy at all but still sports a decent amount of sophistication.

Wanderskye Premium Bag Tag

Wanderskye has a wide range of travel goods from memory foam neck pillows to TSA travel locks and from eye masks to luggage straps. Whatever your style preference is, may it be funky, cool or reserved, Wanderskye has got you covered. You may purchase your products for your next trip at one of their "terminals" at leading malls or at their website.

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