LOJEL: Making luggage for today's traveler

Big reveal: LOJEL – this unassuming Japanese brand – has been carrying my travel essentials and belongings for the past six years. My brown Streamline LOJEL luggage has gone with me to, by far, some of my most exciting trips yet here and abroad. Here in the Philippines, the brand may not be as instantly recognizable as other luggage makers but it has been in our stores this whole time. So, here are some quick facts about LOJEL:

  • Founded in 1989 in Japan, having 29 solid years in innovative design (You know we all love a Japanese brand)

  • Brand name is an acronym for Let Our Journeys Enrich Life (Amen to that!)

  • Products are sold in over 30 countries across five continents

And now, it's time for me to upgrade!

The Frame version of LOJEL's Rando shouts sophistication.

The Frame version of LOJEL's Rando shouts sophistication.

I was so stoked when LOJEL sent me this sleek limited edition design of their Rando line! I felt my smile reached the tip of my ears unboxing this beaut. 

The Outside
I specifically opted for the Frame version of the Rando line because, one, I've never had one before and, two, doesn't the alloy frame look clean and shout sophistication?

Much to my surprise, the Frame version of the Rando offers more than aesthetics. Opening and closing the luggage is convenient as much as it is secure because of the interlocking mechanism (locks at two different points with a single combination dial). I didn't have to go through the edges of the case to close it – the way we normally close a luggage with a zipper.

LOJEL Rando Frame
Lojel Rando Frame

Most of the Rando line sports a pure polycarbonate matte surface showing off a minimalist vibe but the limited edition is textured with clean intersecting lines – a wise manifestation of the flaws our luggage acquires from years of travel. 

The Inside
The case is spacious to enclose items for a weeklong trip. Thicker than usual, the lining is giving me the impression of durability. The multiple interior compartments make packing much less taxing for those obsessed in organization like me. And the shoe bag that comes with it in the same design as the case itself is extra!

The Rando is truly a classic piece that will not go out of style.

The Rando is truly a classic piece that will not go out of style.

The Verdict
As expected, LOJEL's approach to design and functionality is top-notch. My user experience with the brand has been made even better. Although the case I featured leans to a more toned down end of the spectrum in terms of style and flare – which is kind of my travel style, LOJEL has a whole lot of products to match everyone's style preferences. But whatever your aesthetic is, one thing surely remains: that LOJEL's luggage is built to last.

LOJEL luggage and bags are available in the Philippines at Landmark, Robinsons and Metro Gaisano department stores. For those abroad, check out their store list here.

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