Let your SweetEscape photos do the storytelling

SweetEscape at Wat Arun

So, you’ve already booked your flights and planned your travel itinerary. By now, you probably have already imagined being in this new city trying the good food and meeting amazing people; visiting the century-old architecture or admiring the modern skyscrapers. For whatever reason you are visiting this new city, you would want a token that will forever remind you of that time you set foot in this amazing city – wherever that may be. That is exactly why these memories should be captured in a courtly, timeless manner. Let your photos tell your own unique story.

SweetEscape is a well-trusted holiday photography service known for their crisp, semi-low contrast but definitely high-quality photos. I recently had the pleasure of experiencing their top-notch service during the trip to Bangkok. I particularly wanted to do a session at Wat Pho and cross the Chao Phraya River to Wat Arun as I was not able to visit these temples the first time I visited Bangkok. (I know these are must-visit places but forgive me, I was naïve then. LOL!)

Once the schedule has been set, I was immediately assigned a photographer for the session. What’s also good about SweetEscape is they will connect you with local photographers offering that added advantage of familiarity of the locale which allows them to offer recommendations on where to shoot and even other interesting places to see. Plus, in between takes, chatting with your photographer will give you a rather insightful take of the culture of the city and its people. My photographer has been kind enough to share me a number of things about the Thai culture – from their faith (since we were shooting at temples) to the meaning of their names. It was truly a learning experience.

In just two days, I received an email notification that my photos are ready for download. I admire the quality of the photos – so Instagram-ready! The colors, though quite muted, still pops as though you are looking at the actual scene. The golden Buddha statues of Wat Pho still stay true to their glamour and the Wat Arun temples can’t help but look heavenly.

My photographer knows the best spots around the temples as he comes here often.

since it was a weekend, there were a number of people at the temple. But we somehow steered clear of the crowd.

My photographer is trying to show some perspective here.

I can't get over the intricacy of wat arun.

As a gift to all of you, SweetEscape and I want all of you to tell your own travel stories by your photos so we will be giving you USD50 discount and 30 extra photos on your next booking! Just use the promo code THEROOTOFALLTRAVEL at the check-out page.

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