3 things I always bring when I travel – that you should too

It’s a no-brainer that you have to bring your travel documents, mobile phone, clothes, camera and whatnots when traveling. But there are just some items that makes traveling a whole lot easier, less-stressful and a more enjoyable time. Here are the things I never travel without:

Packable bag

Don’t we always return from a trip with heavier luggage than when we left? I remember when my former officemates and I went on a 5-day trip to Seoul, I found myself not having enough space in my luggage to squeeze in the all those souvenirs, Korean knickknacks and novelties I bought from that trip. Luckily, I was able to find a cheap duffel bag to stuck all my excess stuff into.

To avoid this unnecessary dilemma, I always bring with me an extra bag that I can easily pull out whenever my stuff doesn’t fit into my luggage anymore. I was even more excited to recently discover this packable Boston bag from Uniqlo. It is neatly compressed into this tiny pouch and magically opens up into a high-capacity water-repellent carry-on bag. I also like how it has two external compartments where I can place my travel documents.

Offline entertainment

At any point in the trip, there’s always a chance that we’d encounter some form of downtime. It could be waiting for an hour at the boarding gate, the three-hour flight without in-flight entertainment, that long train ride, or, worse, a thunderstorm raining on our itinerary’s parade.

In anticipation of these patience-testing times, I always download the latest episodes of my favorite in-season TV series or those movies I’ve missed in the cinema. Whether on my phone, tablet or laptop, it’s good to keep them handy at all times. Thankful for apps like Netflix that allow us to binge-watch offline.

Let me stress the importance of having these forms of entertainment offline since we don’t know for sure when and where we’d need them. Plus, using your mobile data via roaming could be very expensive.

Power bank

A day in a trip, I can manage to take around a hundred to a hundred and fifty photos and videos with my mobile phone. And that is on top of the ones I take with my DSLR and GoPro. I also actively use Wi-Fi to check on my social media accounts and post some Instagram stories once in a while. And then there’s the use of offline maps I downloaded to get to every point in the itinerary.

With all these mobile activity, my phone can only run at around five to six hours even on low power mode. That’s why it was a blessing from the heavens when I first heard about power banks. It keeps my mobile activity uninterrupted plus I can also recharge other devices such as my GoPro or the Wi-Fi router I rent. A 10,000 mAh, two-output power bank is good enough for me to get by each day of any trip.

What are your travel must-haves? Feel free to share them on the comment section below.

Travel essentials you can't leave without: