13 apps that changed the way I travel

It's no secret that technology has immensely improved the way we travel. Gone are the days when the only way to book a flight is through a ticketing office or a travel agency and the only way to move around cities is with a guide of a foldout tourist map. Luckily, we live in a time when almost, if not, everything is available to us with just a simple tap. Our smartphones have become our constant, loyal travel buddies that help us plan, capture and share our best travel memories. Here are the mobile apps I frequently use when I travel that I believe will make yours a breeze, too.


Before the trip

During the trip

Bonus tip: This may not be applicable to all places but having the transportation app of the city I visit is also a great help. It provides me with real-time transportation timetable to help me plan out my route for the day, as well as alerting me for any operational disruptions. In my most recent trip to Australia, these apps were extremely helpful to know the exact time the next train arrives or which tram passes by my next destination. Though it takes quite a while to familiarize yourself with the apps, they are totally valuable.


After the trip

Photo credits: iTunes and Apple.com

These travel essentials will make your next trip a breeze: