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Hello there! I’m James Abarca. An accountant by trade but a traveler by heart. I am currently based in Manila, but was born and raised in Davao City, a bustling metropolis south of the Philippines. 

The travel bug has bitten me hard that I have this strong urge to set foot to places BOTH familiar and unknown. I’m such a sucker for awesome architectures – from centuries-old palaces to modern skyscrapers.

Sunny Spain is currently on top of my travel bucket list. South Africa and Morocco also sits high up on the list, while New York and London have long been there. Let’s see when can I finally visit these places.

About the blogger

The Blog

From the name itself, The Root of All Travel aims to ignite within you the desire to consider the places I feature as your next travel destination with the various content I share. To help you plan your trip, the travel guides will offer general information about each city – from transportation to currency, to shopping hotspots and food recommendations, to nearby day trips.

I am also sharing recommended itineraries which you can use as template on your future travels. I will also be sorting out visa application processes for Philippine passport holders. Expect travel hacks and tricks, as well, as we go along.

I hope my blog will help you find and get to your next travel destination or even inspire you to build your own travel blog or create travel videos.

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